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Euphoria ladies band


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Our mission is to create magnificent and heart beating show all over the world!


Euphoria Ladies Band are fulfilling you with emotions. Our shows, as well as the compositions we perform, evoke unbelievably strong feelings! We are to make you laugh, cry, believe, sympathize, and, of course, dream. Euphoria Ladies Band are making magic during the performance, and you will feel like the time accelerates, slows down or stops at all. We are interacting with audience on higher, emotional level.


We are perfecting ourselves day to day to ensure that every event, presentation, special day or conference will be on the highest rate. Euphoria Ladies Band are rapidly advancing group and we are always reaching new heights and aims. As long as the audience’s eyes are shining during our performances, we know that we are going along in the right direction.


Action. You will definitely remember our show for ages.

Partnership. We are to help you with the choice of format of show and its duration.

Actuality. Our show is adaptive to any event.

 Aesthetics. Possibility to enjoy breathtaking show and wonderful appearance of the artists.

 International experience. We have already performed in more than 40 countries all over the world.

Involvement. Live interaction with audience.




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Have you ever wondered why the film is awarded with the Oscar for musical accompaniment? Try to turn off the sound of your favorite film and you will find out that emotions are getting dull and disappear. The Euphoria Ladies Band's classic performance is that what can maintain strong emotions during an important event. We are always glad to help you to choose the best format for your event.